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Hydro 2000ÁP (AWA2003).
Hydro 2000µP (AWA2003). User replaceable parts and standards for the Hydro 2000µP micro-volume wet sample dispersion unit.

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Cell windows (MVC4002)
100_MVC4002_new.png Pair of windows for the Hydro 2000µP.
Price : $351.00
Availability : In stock
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Hydro 2000 ÁP Consumables Kit (AWA4007)
100_AWA4007 Consumables kit for Hydro 2000 µP
Comprising; spare windows, QAS standards, sample tubing and more
Click image to see full contents list.
Price : $763.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

Mastersizer 2000 e-learning course (ELC1001)
E-learning course orange

As well as a range of in-house and on-site training courses Malvern Instruments introduces its Mastersizer 2000 e-learning course.

This course provides self-paced training delivered via the internet and is designed to enable a flexible, low cost alternative to the more traditional learning routes as well as providing a Certificate of Competence on completion.

ELC1001 includes two on-line courses (ELC0001 and ELC0002) that are designed to raise the new user from novice to intermediate level.

Course 1 (ELC0001) - is a basic introduction to the Mastersizer.

Course 2 (ELC0002)- is a more advanced course that discusses, amongst other things, how to interpret the data from measurements.

In total, the two courses comprises of 17 modules. Each module is presented in a clear and concise manner and takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.

At the end of each module, a series of assessment questions allows users to gain useful feedback as they progress through the course.

Select the title of this page to display more detail on the course syllabus and other frequently asked questions.

English version
Price : $548.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

French version
Price : $548.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

Quality Audit Standard (QAS3004)
100_QAS2005.gif Box of ten 100mg single-shot bottles of 15 to 150 µm particle size standard for performance verification, complete with measurement instructions and pass/fail criteria for the Hydro 2000µP.

Includes Material Safety Data Sheet.
Price : $361.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

Solvent resistant window seals (MVC4001)
100_MVC4001.gif Pair of Perlast solvent-resistant (Solvent Resistance Code A) window seals for the Hydro 2000µP.
Price : $464.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

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