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Zetasizer Nano
Zetasizer Nano. pH probes, cuvettes, cells, transfer standards and training for the Zetasizer Nano series.

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12mm Glass cell (PCS1115)
100_PCS1115 12mm square glass cell for size, molecular weight and zeta potential measurements using the ‘dip’ cell.
Price : $109.00
Availability : In stock
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12mm Square Polystyrene Cuvettes (DTS0012)
100_DTS0012 12mm square polystyrene cuvettes for size measurement.
Minimum Volume 1mL
Pack of 100 with 100 stoppers.
Price : $114.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

12mm square glass cell for 90 sizing (PCS8501)
100_PCS8501 12mm square glass cell for size and molecular weight measurements.With circular aperture and stopper.
Price : $155.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

Disposable Capillary Cell (DTS1070)

Replacement for DTS1061.

Disposable capillary cells for the measurement of zeta potential (and size) Pack of 10 with 20 stoppers.

For Zetasizer Nano only
Price : $165.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

Disposable Micro Cuvette (ZEN0118)
100_ZEN0118 Disposable micro cuvettes for size measurements at a 90 Degree angle only. Minimum sample volume 50µl, pack of 100 with 100 lids.
Price : $165.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

Disposable Solvent Resistant Micro Cuvette (ZEN0040)
100_ZEN0040 Disposable solvent resistant micro cuvette, for size measurement at a 173 degree scattering angle, pack of 100 with 100 caps, minimum volume 40µL

(Resistant to Acetone, Benzaldehyde, Butanone, Dioxane, DMF, Ethyl acetate, Isopropanol, various acids and bases)
Price : $124.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

High Concentration Zeta Potential Cell (ZEN1010)

High Concentration Zeta Potential cell kit for the measurement of high concentration samples e.g. ceramics, cosmetics or emulsions.
The kit is designed to measure zeta potential on high concentration samples combined with low volume capability.
Compatible with all Nano series systems that measure zeta potential. Upgrade to version 6.20 or later is required to use this cell. Software on CD included.

Delivery for this item is currently estimated at 2 to 4 weeks.

Price : $5,573.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

Low-volume quartz batch cuvette (ZEN2112)
100_ZEN2112 Low-volume quartz batch cuvette for size and molecular weight measurements for use with the Zetasizer Nano series.
Price : $742.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

PH probe kit (SEN0106)
100_SEN0106.gif pH probe kit. Includes: 135mm liquid filled pH probe, connecting cable, pH 4 and pH9 buffer sachets, electrolyte top-up bottle.
Price : $783.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

Universal Dip Cell kit (ZEN1002)
100_ZEN1002 Universal ‘dip’ cell kit for zeta potential measurement of samples in aqueous and non-aqueous medium, including. non-polar dispersants such as hydrocarbons. Compatible with PCS1115 cuvettes. Includes electrode assembly with Palladium electrodes with 2mm spacing, one PCS1115 cuvette and cap.

Compatible with all Nano series systems that measure zeta potential

Delivery for this item is currently estimated at 2 to 4 weeks
Price : $2,555.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

Zeta potential transfer standard (DTS1235)
DTS1235 Zeta Potential Transfer Standard, Box of 10 Syringes.
Note that this product is a direct replacement for part DTS1230.
Price : $93.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

Zetasizer Nano e-learning course (ELC5004)
E-learning course orange

As well as a range of in-house and on-site training courses Malvern Instruments introduces its Zetasizer Nano e-learning course.

This course provides self-paced training delivered via the internet and is designed to enable a flexible, low cost alternative to the more traditional learning routes as well as providing a Certificate of Competence on completion.

The e-learning course offers up to four on-line courses that are designed to raise the new user from novice to intermediate level.

In total, up to 34 e-learning modules will be available to you. Each module is presented in a clear and concise manner and takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.

At the end of each module, a series of assessment questions allows users to gain useful feedback as they progress through the course.

Select the title of this page to display more details and other frequently asked questions.

Price : $546.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :

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