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Set of 3 sample holders for samples on substrates, pressed pellets and plate filters. Inner diameter is 32 mm. For filters or solid samples of 30 to 32 mm diameter, maximum thickness 5.8 mm. Includes support plate and spring. Supports scans starting at about 3 degrees 2theta. Applications: Used in the analysis of air filters for occupational and environmental dust. Also, metal plates, pressed pellets, and their sold objects. This holder can be used in conjunction with the 9430 018 16321 ceramic filter substrate, for example for analysis of clays in a very thin layer. Compare the 9430 018 14321 for this application (on layer thickness and angular range). This holder can also be used with the 9430 018 17321 silicon low-background substrate, for extremely small amounts of powder and for fiber analysis.

Product Number 9430 018 13321

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Compatible with
  • X'Pert 3, Powder, PRO MPD
  • CubiX 3, PRO
  • Aeris
  • Zetium
  • Axios Fast
  • Axios (mAX, 1kW)
  • Magix (PRO)
  • Epsilon 4
  • Epsilon 1
  • Epsilon 3 (X, XL, XLE)
  • MiniPal (2, 4, QC)
  • Epsilon 5
  • PW24XX
  • PW26XX