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Incident beam PreFIX module with elliptical X-ray mirror for Cu radiation. The multi-layer crystal converts a divergent beam projected by a line focus of an X-ray tube into a quasi-monochromatic and focused beam of high intensity. White radiation and K-beta lines are virtually eliminated. With a focal point at the detector, the elliptical mirror is ideal for transmission experiments through capillaries, films, foils, and low average atomic number materials, such as pharmaceutical tablets. For EMPYREAN/X’Pert-PRO MPD systems with a goniometer radius of 240 mm. Includes 3 filters; 1 Cu foil (0.1 mm), 1 combined Cu (0.2 mm)/Ni (0.02 mm) foil and 1 Ni foil (0.02 mm)) and a 1/2º divergence slit.

Product Number 9430 031 52631

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Compatible with
  • Empyrean
  • X'Pert (3) Powder, PRO MPD