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Folded Capillary Zeta Cell (Box of 10)


Disposable cuvettes primarily for the measurement of zeta potential
with the Zetasizer Nano series, but can be used for size measurement.
Pack of 10 cells with 20 stoppers.
Requires Zetasizer software version 7.02 or later.

Product Number DTS1070

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Compatible with
  • Zetasizer WT
  • Zetasizer Nano ZSP
  • Zetasizer Nano ZS
  • Zetasizer Nano Z
  • Zetasizer Nano ZS90
  • Zetasizer Pro
  • Zetasizer Ultra
  • Zetasizer Advance - Lab (Blue)
  • Zetasizer Advance - Lab (Red)
  • Zetasizer Advance - Pro (Blue)
  • Zetasizer Advance - Pro (Red)
  • Zetasizer Advance - Ultra (Blue)
  • Zetasizer Advance - Ultra (Red)