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Package includes a PIXcel3D PET detector (9430 030 18311) and the PreFIX interface for the PIXcel3D detector (9430 030 17001). The PIXcel3D all-purpose single chip detector can be used in static or scanning mode when used as area or line detector.
Key benefits of the PIXcel3D include the very high dynamic range as well as the ability to use this detector 0D, 1D, 2D and 3D modes. The PIXcel is resulting from a collaboration between PANalytical and the Medipix3 consortium, a collaboration of CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) and various other leading research institutes across Europe.
For improved data quality in certain applications, a PET foil is used as window material.
· 256 x 256 pixel array,
· 552 µ pixel size,
· 99% count rate linearity to 98,000 cps per pixel or 25,000,000 cps per strip.
· 0D, scanning and static 1D functionality, scanning and static 2D functionality
· and 3D Micro Computed Tomography functionality
· Static 2theta range of 3.3 degrees at standard 240mm radius and 6 degrees or 14.4 degrees static 2theta range with optional radius reduction interfaces (9430 030 99651 and 9430 030 17901 respectively).
Please note that delivery of the PIXcel detector is subject to your confirmation of use thereof for x-ray analytical purposes with PANalytical XRD system only. This item requires a description of use letter "For x-ray diffraction purposes" to be signed.

Product Number 9430 860 18311

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Compatible with
  • Empyrean
  • X'Pert (3) Powder, PRO MPD