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Package includes a GaliPIX3D detector (9430 030 22001) and the PreFIX interface for the GaliPIX3D detector (9430 062 22001).
The GaliPIX3D is a fast X-ray detector based on technology developed by Pixirad, a spinoff of University of Pisa, Italy. It is based on solid-state technology providing for counting photons with a high spatial resolution and a high dynamic range. Thanks to the high quality CdTe sensor, it has a very high efficiency for photons up to 25 keV. The CMOS VLSI readout chip has an active area of 30.06 × 24.16 mm², organized on a matrix of 501 × 465 pixels. The chip contains more than 350 million transistors. The GaliPIX3D can be used as an area detector or as a line detector for static and scanning applications. The GaliPIX3D is designed for use with Cu, Mo and Ag radiation.
· 501 × 465 pixel array
· 60 µm pixel size,
· 99% count rate linearity to 7,800,000 cps per strip or 3,900,000,000 cps overall.
· scanning and static 1D functionality, scanning and static 2D functionality
· and 3D Micro Computed Tomography functionality
Static 2theta range of 7.2 degrees at standard 240mm radius and 11.1 degrees or 31.3 degrees static 2theta range with optional radius reduction interfaces (9430 030 99901 and 9430 062 22501 respectively).

Product Number 9430 860 22001

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Compatible with
  • Empyrean
  • X'Pert (3) Powder, PRO MPD